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Why Choose Pexx, Inc.?

For over a decade, Pexx, Inc. has been providing our customers with a wide array of solutions to support their telecommunication needs. We have a proven management team, which has perfomed a broad spectrum of complex data and voice communication systems in extremely remote areas in over a hundred countries throughout the world. Our management team's thorough knowledge and expertise in global project management, RF and telecommunications and system intergration allows Pexx, Inc. the capabilities to offer a superior class of services in the installation of broadband technologies and wireless networking solutions to our customers.

Our background includes building communication towers, satellite sites, base camps, remote operations and global communications systems. We are always focused on cutting-edge applications of wireless networking, information technologies and tower construction. We also specialize in fixed broadband networks from the ground up.

Tower Construction

We can install many types of towers. Since 2000, we have successfully erected numerous towers including the most common types: self-support, monopole and guyed wire. We are an established tower erector and a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE). We are highly motivated in the success of our tower crews and are entirely committed to their safety.

Wireless and Microwave Networking

We can install the most complex components of a point to point or multi-point designed microwave system on a tower or other existing structure. We provide a complete installation including commissioning, precision path alignments, and testing reports. We install all types of wave guide and microwave coax including airline systems, among others.

Tower Maintenance

Tower Maintenance, modification and repair is our specialty. We can maintain or repair any tower or high standing structure. Our maintenance services include but are by no means limited to:

  • Repair- Equipment Change-Out
  • Plumb and Tension- Guy Wire Replacement
  • Guy Coating- Guy Wire Anchor Corrosion Control
  • Anchor Replacement- Site Grounding
  • Antenna Repair- Inspection
  • Lightning Protection- Lightning Damage Repair
  • Restoration- Structural Reinforcement
  • Retrofitting- Structural Upgrade to TIA and EIA Standards

Value Added Services

  • Satellite Communications
  • Video Surveillance (Fixed and Wireless)
  • Cabling

Customer Testimonials

"The crew was absolutely awesome to work with ... I look forward to working with you on more projects."

Lisa Wallace, Henderson Police Department

"OUTSTANDING! ¡­This goes a long way on showing how PEXX works with us and our up time is a concern as well. THANKS."

Gary Brown, Harris County IT Center

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