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Tower Construction

Since 2000, Pexx, Inc. has constructed and installed a large variety of towers throughout the Southeastern region of the United States.

Our staff of licensed and certified professionals have long tenures in the tower construction business. We fully comply with OSHA and all applicable standards and codes (industry, federal, and local).

We offer a wide range of tower solutions, ranging from the installation of traditional cell towers, broadcast towers, self supporting, monopoles and guyed wire towers. Each tower construction project is completed by trained, safety oriented and skilled professionals.

Our diverse background in the installation of short wave, microwave, AM and FM radio, broadcast and cable TV, cellular, wireless, wind energy and meteorological towers translates into monumental advantages for our customers. This experience enables us to overcome any unforeseen obstacles quickly, allowing our crews to continue to work on schedule and within budget.

Tower Services include:

  • New Tower Construction
  • Site Planning
  • Tower Site Upgrade
  • Tower Inspections
  • Antennas and Line Installation
  • Transmission Lines Sweeping
  • Demobilization of Existing Towers
  • Generator Testing and Certification
  • Radio Installation and Configuration
  • Radar Tower
  • Radar Installation
  • Engineering
  • Tower Foundation
  • Tower Erection
  • Grounding Cabinet
  • System Configuration and Testing
  • Smart Grid Installation

Types of Towers

Self Supporting

Self-supporting towers are supported on ground or on buildings without guy rope. Though the weight of these towers is more they require less base area and are suitable in many situations. Most of the TV, MW, Power transmission, and flood light towers are self supporting towers. These towers can be three or four sided structures. Legs for these towers can be solid rod, pipe, or angle. The lattice bracing is typically angle; but they can also be made of pipe, tubing, or solid rod.


Standard monopole sections are most commonly 50-foot lengths with shorter sections available for specific height requirements. Our designs utilize slip joints between the sections. This speeds up the installation process and helps to reduce fabrication costs.

Guyed Wire

Guyed wire towers are used primarily in cellular, other wireless communication, and broadcast applications. They provide height at a much lower material cost than selfsupporting towers due to the efficient use of high-strength steel in the guys. They are normally guyed in three directions over an anchor radius of typically 2/3 of the tower height and have a triangular lattice section for the central mast. Tubular masts are also used, especially where icing is very heavy and lattice sections would ice up fully. These towers are much lighter than selflogy Madras supporting type but require a large free space to anchor guy wires. Whenever large open space is available, guyed towers can be provided. There are other restrictions to mount dish antennae on these towers and require large anchor blocks to hold the ropes. We offer various models of guyed towers. The most common guyed towers are the G18, G30, G42 and G78.

Value-Added Services

In addition to erecting towers our company has also been responsible for mounting antennas and running cable on towers, rooftops, water tanks, grain silos and any structure that our customer's specified on their project.

Accessories and Mounts

We provide accessories and mounts for towers manufactured by leading vendors in the maintenance of the structural integrity of each tower. These accessories include but are not limited to:
  • antenna mounts
  • transmission line ladders
  • climbing ladders
  • climbing ladders with safety cages
  • safety climbs
  • stairs
  • platforms
  • light mounts

Tower Crews

Pexx, Inc. recognizes that a professional and well-trained staff is essential for our continued success in the communications industry. Our working environment provides each employee with the opportunity to grow and develop based upon their commitment to our standards of excellence.

We have fully qualified, equipped and experienced tower crews ready to service our customers needs. Our in-house tower crews members have a broad range of experience and are trained in design drawing evaluation, site preparation, and field site assembly. We have provided our crews with the best of tools and guidance to get the job done. We thoroughly train all new employees by placing them in a variety of work situations and with a number of other experienced employees. This gives each new employee the opportunity to learn from our seasoned personnel and to strictly follow our company's safety procedures.

Our thoroughly trained and experienced personnel have enhanced our capabilities and allowed us the necessary flexibility to erect as many towers as possible during each year. By doing this, we are able to guarantee our work and provide our services at competitive prices. Our crews are available for emergency work due to bad weather or other unexpected circumstances.

Customer Testimonials

"The setup has had 100% uptime since Pexx came in and set it up. We are very pleased with the installation performed by Pexx engineers."

Mike Vickich, Research and Implementation, Texas Transportation Institute (TTI)

"I was amazed at how smoothly the installation process went, and to have it work perfectly the first time was impressive. I highly recommend Pexx's solutions and services to anybody looking for fast, flexible and reliable wireless networking."

Tracy Wilkerson, Manager of Tech Support, North Harris Community College

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