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Value Added Solutions

Pexx, Inc. procurement services guarantees a quick response, knowledgeable purchasing agent and a fair price. Whether we are assisting you in purchasing products to launch and maintain your business, or fulfill your networking needs - we are here to serve you in these other value added solutions as well:

  • Satellite Communications
  • Video Surveillance (Fixed and Wireless)
  • Cabling

We have formed strategic alliances and affiliations to provide our customers with the most advanced technology at the best price. Following are just some of the leading technology providers we have partnered with:

Pexx installers possess technical expertise on the equipment we install and have received manufacturer certification wherever possible.

On mission critical sites Pexx offers 24/7 technical support and rapid response contracts.

We Get it Done -- and Help You Get it Done Also!

Customer Testimonials

"The setup has had 100% uptime since Pexx came in and set it up. We are very pleased with the installation performed by Pexx engineers."

Mike Vickich, Research and Implementation, Texas Transportation Institute (TTI)

"I was amazed at how smoothly the installation process went, and to have it work perfectly the first time was impressive. I highly recommend Pexx's solutions and services to anybody looking for fast, flexible and reliable wireless networking."

Tracy Wilkerson, Manager of Tech Support, North Harris Community College

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