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Installation of Severe Weather Radar System

Project Details:

  • Location: Norman, Oklahoma
  • Size of Tower: 80 feet
  • Size of Severe Weather Radar: 41 feet
  • This new dual polarization radar is more advanced as compared to traditional radars. Older radars emit a horizontal pulse of energy that allows scientists to measure how heavy rainfall is and how strong the winds are. The new radar technology emits energy in both the horizontal and vertical, opening up a world of opportunity to improve forecaster's knowledge of severe weather. This new radar tells forecasters the size of the raindrops, the size of the snowflakes and gives you information about the shape, whether they are flat or round.

    For more information on this project please refer to our news release.

    Customer Testimonials

    "The setup has had 100% uptime since Pexx came in and set it up. We are very pleased with the installation performed by Pexx engineers."

    Mike Vickich, Research and Implementation, Texas Transportation Institute (TTI)

    "I was amazed at how smoothly the installation process went, and to have it work perfectly the first time was impressive. I highly recommend Pexx's solutions and services to anybody looking for fast, flexible and reliable wireless networking."

    Tracy Wilkerson, Manager of Tech Support, North Harris Community College

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