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  • Staffing Services
    Our staffing specialists can provide you with skilled temporary or full-time wireless technology employees.

  • Wireless and Microwave Networking
    Our networking experts specialize in extending our customer's wired network between buildings and across site locations.

  • Tower Maintenance
    We offer full tower maintenance services and help customers realize the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance on their existing structures.

Company Expansion Underway

Pexx has taken the next step in it's Texas expansion by hiring a new area manager. CEO Palmer L. Greene has confirmed that Pexx is preparing to expand its operations with a new Austin-based Tower Crew. A completion date has not been set, but plans for the transition are underway.


Smart Energy Networking Case Study

Application: Deployment of a complex wireless communication networks for an electrical utility company to enable wireless smart meter networks with two-way communications that are capable of sending and receiving information to and from consumers and the utility company.

Healthcare »

Healthcare Networking Case Study

Application: Secure (HIPAA-compliant) campus connectivity, off-site medical office & lab network access, real-time imaging application connectivity, redundant fiber overlay and disaster recovery.

Government and Military »

Government and Military Networking Case Study

Application: Highly secure inter-building connections, redundant fiber overlay, disaster recovery and short-term connections.

Service Providers »

Service Provider Networking Case Study

Application: High-capacity business services, cellular, WiFi, WiMax backhaul, fiber backbone extensions, redundant fiber overlays, municipality mesh backbone and temporary connections.

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