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Healthcare Networking


Secure (HIPAA-compliant) campus connectivity, off-site medical office and lab network access, real-time imaging application connectivity, redundant fiber overlay and disaster recovery.


Medical applications are among the most demanding in terms of network capacity, real-time performance, mission-critical reliability, and data security. Fiber optic cabling is the primary technology of choice to provide these requirements, however it is often difficult or costly to connect fiber to buildings across city streets or beyond the main campus. BridgeWave 60GHz and E-Band links are the natural choices to provide fiber equivalent performance together with fiber equivalent security. Applications such as electronic patient records and high-resolution medical imaging are well-supported with full GigE bandwidth and ultra-low latency performance. BridgeWave links have very narrow beamwidths that form �spatial pipes� between the ends, providing data security that is superior to inter-building fiber cabling. The physical security provided by BridgeWave links make them a clear choice for implementing HIPPA-compliant networks.

Pexx, Inc. Value Proposition

BridgeWave 60GHz and E-Band links offer full-GigE LAN performance for HIPPA-compliant networks at the price of lower-frequency "WiFi based" links that offer less than a tenth of the performance and lack the "spatial pipe" security benefits. BridgeWave links provide a fast-to-deploy, flexible alternative to costly inter-building fiber installations. Alternatively, they can provide a cost-effective 100% spatially diverse redundant path for mission-critical fiber connections.

Customer Testimonials

"The setup has had 100% uptime since Pexx came in and set it up. We are very pleased with the installation performed by Pexx engineers."

Mike Vickich, Research and Implementation, Texas Transportation Institute (TTI)

"I was amazed at how smoothly the installation process went, and to have it work perfectly the first time was impressive. I highly recommend Pexx's solutions and services to anybody looking for fast, flexible and reliable wireless networking."

Tracy Wilkerson, Manager of Tech Support, North Harris Community College

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